Unauthorized website restriction when redirecting a Flows to a public website

I have a public website based on Flows,
The page is basically:

<flow:interview name="Pre_Course" buttonLocation="bottom"/>

At the end of the Flow, when the user hits the finish button,
The flow goes back to the starting point,
So I decided to add a public URL the user would be redirected to,

Let’s say for example, but that’s not the website I’m using: Google.com

<flow:interview name="Pre_Course" buttonLocation="bottom" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('http://www.google.com')}"/>

But when I click on Finish,
I get an unauthorized website restriction, must login!

Or when i run the page within Salesforce, i get the following error:

Invalid Page Redirection: The page you attempted to access has been blocked due to a redirection to an outside website or an improperly coded link or button. Please contact your salesforce.com Administrator for assistance.

What permissions do I need to add to my Sites “Public Access Settings”?


After working with a Salesforce rep and her co-corkers, they concluded that this cannot be done.

The rep first started by saying that it is possible to do what i want, and she did all the testing herself, and after a few hours working on it and discussing the issue with her coworkers, they all concluded that it can not be done

Source : Link , Question Author : user2333346 , Answer Author : Ashwani

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