Using apex class as attribute type for component – Summer ’14 IDE issue

I have a component that gets an instance custom Apex Class as an attribute, ie:

<apex:component controller="ComponentController">
    <apex:attribute name="myAttr" assignTo="{!attr}" type="MyApexClass" />


I also have this class:

public with sharing class MyApexClass{
    //lots of content

But, since I updated Eclipse to the latest version (Summer ’14, API version 31) I get this error when I try to save the component (or a page on which the component is used): Compilation error: Type is not visible: myapexclass.

I’ve already tried making MyApexClass global, doing so does solve the problem, however, this is for managed package so I really want to avoid making anything global that doesn’t logically have to be, especially because it does work if I use Eclipse for version 30.


Please Find the solution.

 <apex:attribute name="myAttr" assignTo="{!attr}" type="MyApexClass" />

In this line attribute type should be object then it would work fine
you can take reference from my code;

aura component

<apex:component controller="ComponentController">

   <aura:attribute name="check" type="object" description="" access="public"/>
    <h1>"{!v.check.accountList[0].Name}"</h1>//showing data


controller or helper

    var wrapperList=response.getReturnValue();

//apex class

public class Test {

public with sharing class wrapperList{

        public List<Account> accountList;

    public static wrapperList containerofList(){
        wrapperList obj=new wrapperList();

      list<Account> aclist = new list<Account>();

        aclist = [Select id,name from account limit 20];


     return obj;


Source : Link , Question Author : rael_kid , Answer Author : nbrown

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