Using LinkedIn for social login to salesforce

so i have been looking for solutions all over the web to try and find the solution to this simple question: how do i use linkedin as a social login method for any salesforce app/portal/community i create?

it seems that i can only use Janrain as an auth provider but then Janrain requires me to contact their sales department, get setup with them and they do some parts of the integration.

I know that Linkedin has a REST / Javascript API login solution but was looking for something like SAML / OAuth2.

Is there any developer solution that i could implement for login and registration without requiring a third party to step in for part of the maintenance / setup? i just need to know what is the most effective way of doing this and possibly if anyone can direct me to some documentation sources so i can piece this all together.

many thanks


I am having trouble setting this up myself, but I believe it can be set up using the Open ID Connect as the Auth Provider type.

Source : Link , Question Author : Arnaud , Answer Author : Jeremy Levy

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