View estimated size of GitHub repository before cloning

I want to view the total repo size of a project hosted on GitHub without having to clone it. Sometimes I do this:

  1. Start cloning some GitHub repository

    Receiving objects: 45% (218/476), 5.50 MiB | 27 KiB/s

    Already drained 5MB? Suspend…

  2. Clone the repository on a server with a normal internet connection just to see its size.

  3. Continue (or abort) the local cloning.

How do I find out the repository size in advance? In the search I see repository size, but not in other places.


Using Github API:

$ echo | perl -ne 'print $1 if m!([^/]+/[^/]+?)(?:\.git)?$!' | xargs -i curl -s -k'{}' | grep size
"size": 284,

Source : Link , Question Author : Vi0 , Answer Author : Vi0

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