Visualforce rerender encoding { and } in firefox

When trying to rerender a pageBlockSection with an image tag inside to pick up a new src url from the controller, chrome works just fine but Firefox is encoding the { and the }. Is there any way to stop Firefox from doing that?

NOTE: The brackets are in the url for the image. Yes, this is not normal but it is how Scene7 is set up.

NOTE 2: Oh shoot, I didn’t proofread and put escape when I meant encode. The brackets are getting encoded for urls, scenes 7 is choking on that.


You have to encode your url.

  • { ==> %7B
  • } ==> %7D

Sample :

Try manually using this:

Also, you could use this function: {!URLENCODE('{value}')}

Source : Link , Question Author : Bob Roberts , Answer Author : Martin Borthiry

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