What are some good, personalisable online radio / music apps? [closed]

There’s a lot of them out there, but they all have their assorted quirks, making different ones better for different things. For example, last.fm doesn’t allow pausing, Pandora is US-only, and so on.

It’d be great if people could post one service per answer, and use a format to allow easy reading and comparison, such as:

Name (www.website.net)

Short description/tagline/similar, (keep it brief, use Extra Details section for more).


  • only plays X music
  • country/region restrictions
  • limited to X browser/client
  • etc


  • benefits to this service
  • which the average doesn’t have


  • missing or bad features
  • not covered by restrictions
  • e.g. no pausing

Extra Details

Any other rambling stuff you want to write to add detail not provided by the above sections


Grooveshark (www.grooveshark.com)

Online Music streaming, music recommendation and sharing


  • It is flash based (if that is a restriction)
  • Mobile apps are available only for paying customers.


  • Great UI
  • Large collection of songs, ability to create, save and share playlists
  • A good song recommendation engine
  • Radio
  • Internationally available
  • Free


  • Non-paying customers can’t use mobile apps

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