What are the available $A JavaScript functions in Lightning?

The Lightning Components Cheat Sheet lists a few common $A functions and the Lightning Components Developer Guide references some others that are useful for certain situations. I can view the $A object in the JavaScript console and get a list of a whole lot more, including some nested such as the $A.util functions.

Is there documentation on the $A functions that are part of the published API (i.e., safe to use)?


Answering my own question. The Lightning Components Developer’s Guide has the following:

The Aura object is the top-level object in the JavaScript framework
code. For all the methods available in the Aura class, see the JavaScript API at https:/[mySalesforceInstance].lightning.force.com/auradocs/reference.app, where [mySalesforceInstance] is the name of the instance hosting your org; for example, na1.

So you can go to https://na15.lightning.force.com/auradocs/reference.app for example and see something like the following:
Aura ($A) object docs

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Knolle , Answer Author : dzh

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