What are the best practices for managing changing picklist values in managed packages?

One of the issues that we always see when creating new releases of our managed package is that new or changed picklist values don’t deploy when someone upgrades our app using a new release that we just cut. We have to provide instructions on going into the object and updating the picklist values manually.

How are other managing this? Is there a better way? Am I missing something?


Sadly, I don’t think you are missing anything – when I have asked SF folks, they view this is a feature because customers can update the lists themselves, and these updates should not be overridden by a package update.

There are some ideas on the exchange about having an option in a package to enable picklists to be always overridden, but for now, manual updates are the only option I know of…

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin O’Hara , Answer Author : BritishBoyinDC

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