What are the tools to help import my data into Salesforce

I am switching from old CRM and looking for easy to use tools to import my data


You have 2 options provided by Salesforce:

1: Salesforce Import Wizard: The easiest option built into your Salesforce.com application. To open it go to Your Name | Setup | Data Management. It works with any Salesforce edition and in many cases is enough to get your data imported.

2: Force.com Data Loader: Data Loader is another tool provided by Salesforce. It is a standalone application for Mac or PC and is available for download at Force.com. I would call it an advanced version of Import Wizard that allows you to do more sophisticated migration tricks. You need to be at least on Enterprise Edition to use the Data Loader.

Also various 3rd party vendors have built data import tools.

If you want to learn more, I have written a blog post about tool options for import:

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