What do you do when there’s no elbow point for kmeans clustering

I’ve learned that when choosing a number of clusters, you should look for an elbow point for different values of K. I’ve plotted the values of withinss for values of k from 1 to 10, but I’m not seeing a clear elbow. What do you do in a case like this?

Troublesome KMeans


Wrong method?

Maybe you are using the wrong algorithm for your problem.

Wrong preprocessing?

K-means is highly sensitive to preprocessing. If one attribute is on a much larger scale than the others, it will dominate the output. Your output will then be effectively 1-dimensional

Visualize results

Whatever you do, you need to validate your results by something other than starting at a number such as SSQ. Instead, consider visualization.

Visualization may also tell you that maybe there is only a single cluster in your data.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeremy , Answer Author : Has QUIT–Anony-Mousse

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