What happens if our App provider goes away?

I think this is mainly a licensing question: We’re assessing an app on the app exchange. I can’t find any information about what happens if the company that builds/supplies/supports the app goes out of business, or stops supporting it.

Is there anything in the terms that cover this? Is there anything in the standards for apps that requires they be self-contained (I know the Ts&Cs mention that they may send/store data outside of the salesforce system).


As per my comments… Note, this answer doesn’t address other possible reasons the app might cease to work.

If the app relies on callouts to an external web service there isn’t much you can do if it fails for some reason. If the package doesn’t add any entries under remote sites you would be safe from web service callout failures at least.

You can find them at:
Your name > Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings.

The app namespace prefix will appear in the appropriate column. During the package install they prompt to add these entries.

Source : Link , Question Author : Beejamin , Answer Author : Daniel Ballinger

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