What happens if the Percent of Apex Used reached 100%?

I have an org which has

Percent of Apex Used: 89.64%

Just curious to know what happens if we reach 100% of apex code.

Does the salesforce allow the to write code more than that?


You will receive an error message when trying to save files of

Error: The total size of apex code in this application after removing comments exceeds the maximum character size of 3,000,000

and the files will not submit to the server. You can contact your account executive and may be able to open a discussion to add to this limit if it is deemed appropriate.

Just for you I did this in my Dev org to screenshot the message in action:

Error Message

It should be noted also that if any individual Apex Class exceeds the 1,000,000 character limit you will get a message like this:

Class limit

Source : Link , Question Author : Ugesh Gali , Answer Author : Simon Lawrence

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