What is a post count?

When analysing the chatter activity object, I see the property “post count” what does this mean? What exactly constitutes a post? I am pretty sure that the feed track posts due to a status change are not included but I would like to know exactly what is included in “post count”.

I’ve read the documentation but find it rather vague.


Description: The number of FeedItems made by the ParentId.


Description:Identifier of the object type to which the ChatterActivity
is related. In API version 30.0, the ParentId must be a UserId or
SelfServiceUser ID.


It is understandable that you’re confused. While it may seem like there are three kinds of FeedItem records (text, link, and content), there are actually 26 (including deprecated) kinds of FeedItem records. (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/connectAPI_enums.htm – look for ConnectApi.​​​FeedItemType)

The question to ask is: While the usual three types of FeedItems obviously contribute to FeedCount, do automatically-generated types (like TrackedChange) and other “manually-created,” such as RypplePost (Work.com badges)? And what about FeedItems like CaseComments, which are only created when Case Feed is turned on?

In my experience, only manually-created FeedItems, including those three standard types and any similar to them, contribute. I don’t think that automatically-generated, such as TrackedChange, are included. The thing to explore is if automatic posts like ActivityPost (saying that a task was created) or Case Feed posts are included.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bartley , Answer Author : DavidSchach

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