What is an easy (and fast) way to find a object named based on a parentid?

I have an app which is fired from a trigger on FeedItem and FeedComment. I can easily grab the posting user, date, parentid and type. However I am finding it difficult to rapidly determine the object name associated with that parent ID.

Ideally this would be written as a method within a class which would be called and return 2 things, the object Name and one of the key identifying fields from the object, like:

  • Object: Account, Record: ABC Company, Inc.
  • Object: Case, Record: Case # 1234
  • Object: Group, Record: Group Name
  • Object: User, Record: Mike Smith



When treated as a String, the first three characters of ParentId represent the object prefix, which can be used to search for the object in the getGlobalDescribe map.

for example.

// This will be set to the object description metadata if found
Schema.DescribeSObjectResult object_desc = null;

// Get the Id we're searching for
String parent_id = feed_item.ParentId;

// Search every object in the getGlobalDescribe() map to check key prefixes
for( Schema.SObjectType t : Schema.getGlobalDescribe().values() ){
    Schema.DescribeSObjectResult desc = t.getDescribe();

    // If the Id starts with this objects prefix, then we know the type
    if( parent_id.startsWith( desc.getKeyPrefix() )){
        object_desc = desc;

if( object_desc != null ){
    System.debug('Object type is: ' + object_desc.getName() );
    SObject record = Database.query( 'SELECT Name FROM ' + object_desc.getLocalName() + ' WHERE Id = :parent_id" );

    System.debug('Object name is: ' + record.get('Name'));

If you wanted to return a different field for each object, you’d have to check the object type before building the query, include the relevant field, and then return that.


if( object_desc.getLocalName() == 'Contact' ){
    String name = [SELECT LastName FROM Contact WHERE Id = :parent_id].LastName;

Source : Link , Question Author : Texas Rob , Answer Author : James Davies

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