What is the Black Tab?

I’ve recently seen references to a black tab. E.g.

Is this some internal Salesforce functionality?

The extra query string parameters seem to have no affect for me.


This is a tab available only to Salesforce employees, primarily higher tier support I believe, that they use to enable/disable specific features or adjust limits in customer orgs. See this blog post for a few details: http://blog.jeffdouglas.com/2009/10/12/favorite-salesforce-black-tab-features/

Some of the functionality that can be enabled/disabled according to that blog:

  • Enable API for PE orgs
  • Disable auto-number fields from being incremented by unit tests
  • Allow editing of LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedBy, CreatedDate and CreatedBy fields
  • Disable security tokens

Some of the limits that can be adjusted according to that blog:

  • Increase Apex Code limit beyond 2MB
  • Increase standard daily e-mail limit
  • Increase the allowed number of roll-up summary fields on an object
  • Increase the allowed number of external ID fields on an object
  • Increase limit on Web-to-Lead submissions

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel Ballinger , Answer Author : E.J. Wilburn

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