What is the difference between a “Customer Community Login” license, and a “Customer Community” license?

Among the various Salesforce User Licenses, there exist the following Community-specific types.

  • Customer Community
  • Customer Community Login
  • Partner Community
  • Partner Community Login

What is the difference between the “Customer Community” and “Customer Community Login” licenses? Same question applies to the “Partner Community” and “Partner Community Login” licenses.

I think that the difference is related to the two ways that Community licenses can be purchased, either as a block of “User Accounts”, or as a block of “Logins per Month”.

I’m guessing that the “Customer/Partner Community Login” license type is related to the “Logins per Month” purchase option, but would like confirmation of this by anyone in the know.

Thank you!


I’m not easily finding a confirming link, but your guess is correct – the “Login” licenses are for logins-per-month pricing, and the plain “Community” licenses are for named-user licensing. I just took a training on Communities implementation where this was covered.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vivek M. Chawla , Answer Author : Thomas Taylor

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