What is the easiest way to create publication-quality plots under Linux?

We may assume that we have CSV file and we want a very basic line plot with several lines on one plot and a simple legend.


The easiest way is to use R

Use read.csv to enter the data into R, then use a combination of the plot and line commands

If you want something really special, then look at the libraries ggplot2 or lattice.

In ggplot2 the following commands should get you started.

#You would use read.csv here
N = 10
d = data.frame(x=1:N,y1=runif(N),y2=rnorm(N), y3 = rnorm(N, 0.5))
p = ggplot(d)

p = p+geom_line(aes(x, y1, colour="Type 1"))
p = p+geom_line(aes(x, y2, colour="Type 2"))
p = p+geom_line(aes(x, y3, colour="Type 3"))
#Add points
p = p+geom_point(aes(x, y3, colour="Type 3"))

This would give you the following plot:

Line plot http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/6393/tmpq.jpg

Saving plots in R

Saving plots in R is straightforward:

#Look at ?jpeg to other different saving options
print(p)#for ggplot2 graphics

Instead of jpeg‘s you can also save as a pdf or postscript file:

#This example uses R base graphics
#Just change to print(p) for ggplot2
plot(d$x,y1, type="l")
lines(d$x, y2)

Source : Link , Question Author : Łukasz Lew , Answer Author : csgillespie

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