What is the relationship between AC frequency, volts, amps and watts?

In an alternating current, how are frequency, voltage, amperage, and watts related?

For instance, imagining the power as a sine wave, what is amperage if voltage is the amplitude? Is there a better analogy than a sine wave?

EDIT: One of the things I specifically wanted to know is whether frequency and voltage are related? A 60 Hz power signal seems to only be transmitted at 120 or 240 volts – does it have to be a multiple?


He didn’t mean ‘forget’ it. He just meant that it’s not really relevant. It’s easy to understand the various relationships in DC. When you go to AC they are all the same AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT ON THE WAVE. It all boils down to V=IR and VI=W, RI^2=W, V^2/R=W. With DC it’s just a constant. With AC they change with time. If you pick any moment in that time and apply the above, you will have your answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : jnm2 , Answer Author : Scott

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