What makes a field not groupable

I’m trying to use an aggregate query, but one of the fields I want to group by is not groupable (saw it in the soql error and then verified groupable=false in the metadata).

It’s just a number field that holds an integer (number 2,0 in salesforce field spec-speak).

Is there a trick to make it groupable? Any way around this problem? I don’t want to write hundreds of lines of code just to average a list by this field.


I’m not 100% sure what makes it “groupable”. The Considerations When Using GROUP BY does mention it:

Some object fields have a field type that does not support grouping.
You can’t include fields with these field types in a GROUP BY clause.
The Field object associated with DescribeSObjectResult has a groupable
field that defines whether you can include the field in a GROUP BY

Although not exactly elegant, you could try to copy the not groupable field to a groupable field via a workflow rule and then group by that one instead.

Source : Link , Question Author : Shane McLaughlin , Answer Author : arut

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