What permission you need to have Developer Console work?

What permission do you need in order to have Developer console works? I’m trying to debug my code and I’m login as a non-sys-admin but when I try to open the developer console I see the developer console opens but I get the following error:

[object object]: sObject type ‘ApexExecutionOverlayAction’ is not

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After click on –> I get the message loading workspace which never loads anything waited for 15 minutes nothing happens and does not seems its going anywhere

enter image description here

What does it mean? do I have to have some roles in order for developer console to work?


To use the Developer Console at all, you need the View All Data permission.

To run queries, you need to have the API Enabled permission.

To modify classes and triggers or run anonymous code, you need to have Modify All Data, Author Apex, and View Setup and Configuration.

To change Visualforce pages, components, Lightning, etc, you need the Customize Application permission.

You can read more about the permissions here: Using the Developer Console. Thanks to @sam_s for the link to the documentation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick Kahn , Answer Author : Community

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