What’s the behavior/use case of “Apply to child territories” in Enterprise Territory Management?

In an attempt to learn my way around ETM, I built a toy territory model that looks like this:

  • Corporation (Territory Type: Sector)
  • Pennsylvania (Territory Type: Geographic)
    • Philadelphia (Territory Type: Geographic)

The assignment rule for Corporation looks at the Industry field on the Account.

The assignment rule for Pennsylvania looks for Billing State Code = PA; that for Philadelphia looks for Billing City = Philadelphia.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how “Apply to child territories” works. When I leave that flag turned off, everything works as expected with a Corporation account located in Philadelphia, PA – all three territories get assigned. When I turn the flag on on the assignment rule for Pennsylvania, neither of the geographic territories gets assigned at all.

So my question is, proximately, why does this behavior occur, and ultimately, what’s the actual use case for “Apply to child territories”?


I think the following example from the documentation will explain fairly clearly what’s happening and what it is that you’re missing:

Example: Rules can work together within territories and child territories. For example, you create a territory called Western States,
with child territories Washington, Oregon, and California. From the Western States territory record, you create a rule that assigns
accounts in Washington, Oregon, and California to that territory. You apply that rule to child territories and then, from the California
territory record, you create a rule that assigns accounts in California to the California territory.

For any child territories for the California territory, you don’t need to specify the state in the criteria if you mark the California territory
rule as inheritable to child territories. Instead, you can use more specific criteria, such as ZIP code or industry.

The rule you tried to apply to Philadelphia as “inherited” from PA, simply doesn’t apply to help narrow the scope to Philadelphia. BillingState=PA provided no additional filtering to help isolate Accounts that belonged in the Philadelphia Territory. If you’d had a zip code filter to initially sort all of your accounts into PA, I’d expect that same filter could have been used to determine accounts that were located in Philadelphia proper and that kind of filter could have been useful if inherited.

In essence, it’s the criteria that gets inherited while the application of the criteria can be adjusted to fit the specifics of each territory.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Reed , Answer Author : crmprogdev

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