What’s the cutoff point for data when I refresh a Full or Partial copy Sandbox?

When I refresh my Full Copy Sandbox, I press “refresh” and it takes a while to build the refresh.

Users are doing things to the database all the time. So some records change during the build of the refresh.

What state is the data in when the refresh is ready? Do my records look like

  • When I pressed refresh?
  • When the refresh completed?
  • Whatever state each record was in at the point the refresh process saw it?


It looks like they will be addressing this issue in the summer 15 release. Full notes here.

New Post-Copy Framework
If a production organization changes during sandbox creation or refresh, the sandbox can contain data inconsistencies. The new automated post-copy process quickly fixes these inconsistencies after copying is complete and tracks the fixes.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dominic , Answer Author : Jenny B

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