When does it make sense to add a Connected App to a Managed Package?

I think I’m familiar with the difference between a connected app definition and its consumption:

As the vendor, my Connected App definition lives by himself in a dev org forever:


For the users, in other orgs they can see (or revoke) any Allowed apps from their user record:


The Connected App does not need to be in the package for users to ‘Allow’ access to it.

But Salesforce also make it possible, in a release org that has a namespace prefix and a managed package, to add a Connected App definition to a Managed Package:

Packaging a Connected App

After creating a connected app or a new version of an existing app, package it to make it available to users on other Salesforce organizations. You can add a connected app to a managed package in the same way as, and along with, other components such as custom objects, Visualforce pages, or Apex classes. This makes it easy to distribute a connected app to other Salesforce organizations. As a packageable component, connected apps can also take advantage of all other features of managed packages, such as listing on the AppExchange, push upgrades, post-install Apex scripts, license management, and enhanced subscriber support.


What is the use case for this, as opposed to the definition existing only in the release organization?


Packaging the connected app allows administrators who install the app to control which of their users can use the application.

Rather than the coarse ability to block or not block an app (seen in Setup -> Manage Apps -> Connected Apps Oauth Usage), you get the ability to control the security settings for the app in a more finely grained manner (seen in Setup -> Manage Apps -> Connected Apps -> Select App). By default Salesforce have installed packages for apps such as Chatter Desktop and Salesforce1 in all orgs.

For example:

  • you can select profiles or permission sets which can use the app
  • choose if IP policies are enforced (or ignore if 2FA has been used)
  • choose PIN policies for a mobile app

If the Connected App is not packaged by its provider, then administrators will only have the binary option of blocking or allowing the app.

A good article on managing these permissiong can be seen here: Managing External Apps with Connected Apps | Cloud Sherpas

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt and Neil , Answer Author : James

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