When should one use person accounts? [duplicate]

I have a client who is a event organizer and his clients are both corporates as well as individuals. I have a few questions on how should i organize his accounts

  • When should one use person accounts?
  • Do we need to specifically enable person accounts? If so how can we do it?
  • When a lead is converted how does it decide if the account needs to be a person account or Business account?



I started a community wiki regarding B2C options: Which B2C option to choose?

I’m in Higher Ed where Person Accounts are popular. To answer your questions:

  1. Person Accounts are useful for modeling B2C behavior when there is no obvious relation using the default Accounts and Contacts (such as a student applying to your school; using Contacts and Accounts, what Account would you link the person to?)
  2. Yes, you do need to specifically enable them (and they cannot be disabled. It is a permanent change.) The requirements are simple and documented in the implementation guide
  3. Leads become Person Accounts if the Company field is blank at conversion. The easiest ensure this is by utilizing Record Types; remove the field from your PA Lead page layout and a validation rule to ensure that if Record Type equals PA Lead then Company must be blank.

Another option would be the Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP) which has two other B2C models (again, see my wiki link.)

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