When would it be appropriate to report variance instead of standard deviation?

I have conducted an analysis in which I have modeled different variance components. When reporting the results in a table, it is much more concise to report standard deviations instead of variances.

So, this brings me to the question – is there ever a reason to report variance instead of standard deviation? Is it ever more appropriate to report one over the other?


If you report the mean, then it is more appropriate to report the standard deviation as it is expressed in the same unity. Think about dimensional homogeneity in physics.

Moreover, it is easier for the reader to consider confidence intervals (for large n, in order to use the Central Limit Theorem and consider a normal distribution) if the standard deviation is provided rather than the variance.

However, you may consider reporting the variance if you are interested in comparing variance and bias, or giving “different variance components”, since the total variance is the sum of the intra and inter variances, while the standard deviations do not sum up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abe , Answer Author : Wok

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