Where are Salesforce Functions?

So, we hear all the noise about ‘evergreen’ / Salesforce Functions (or whatever the new name is) and we go wild with excitement.

Where is all this stuff? We (our organization) are on Spring ’21. Is this functionality supposed to be out? I understand it to be in Beta.

There is no sfdx tooling available. There is no documentation. Links that ‘used’ to work to high level documentation now simply give a 404.

Have I misunderstood something somewhere along the line?

Is anyone using Salesforce Functions?

Winter ’22 update :
and here we are in Winter ’22 and STILL NO?

Is anyone actually using salesforce functions in Winter 22?
We do not set the ‘Enable Functions’ button in Setup.
Is this actually GA yet?

Perhaps I should just give up 🙁



Functions is GA as of 12th October 2021. Note it wont be available in Developer Edition orgs as of now but there will be a Trial edition orgs later this year.

You can read more about Functions launch using below link


As per the release notes docs here quoting the sentence

The Salesforce Functions beta is planning to open after the release of Salesforce Spring ’21. Look for further announcements and details on developer.salesforce.com and in the Salesforce Functions Trailblazer Community.

So we will have to wait for announcements from the team on developer.salesforce.com to see when this is available.

Meanwhile, if you are curious and missed Dreamforce 2021 then the below sessions should be good to watch

1. Salesforce Functions Demo

2. Build Connected Experiences

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Byrne , Answer Author : Mohith Shrivastava

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