Where can I find flexipage documentation?

Is there any other documentation about flexipages than the little info and tutorial in the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide ?

We find this quite limited and are very interested in exploring this area more.

Not so much looking for what flexipages are or how they can be uploaded/deployed into salesforce. Looking for a reference on the components possible, options, attributes of the xml content.. and so on.

update: It appears no true documentation is published at this time. Please do still post an answer when such documentation gets published.


Very late to answer, However I was also in need of documentation of Flexipage and found that it is refered as “Lightning Page” in documentation. This blog post will help to explain more about it.

In nutshell, we use FLexipage to show components like Visualforce only in Salesforce1 application and not in Desktop version of Salesforce.

Source : Link , Question Author : Samuel De Rycke , Answer Author : Jitendra Zaa

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