Where To start Learning With Salesforce Development

Where should I start learning? There are various topics to learn like Objects, Classes, Apex, Visualforce, SOSL, SOQL, Triggers, etc. There are so many options out there to start learning. I couldn’t decide what topic to learn first, and then step by step get proficiency in all aspects of Saleforce.


Although this question isn’t well defined enough for this site which is typically focused at solving specific issues, I do think there’s merit in building up a guide to the best resources so I’m going to make the question and this answer community wiki.


As of late 2014, by far one of the best options for getting up to speed on the platform is Trailhead, a free online training option provided by Salesforce which makes for a more interactive and easier route than simply reading the documentation. To test your learning in different modules you actually write code which is executed and verified by the Trailhead system.

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Other Options

There are a lot of moving parts in the force.com platform and it can definitely seem overwhelming at first, but the real trick is not to jump straight into the code side of things—there is a lot to learn about what you can do without code, and on any project you should leverage the declarative side of the platform as much as possible.

Personally I think the best route for you to take is the following:

  1. Work through the Force.com Fundamentals Book
  2. Next work through the Visualforce Developers Guide — IMO this is a MUST for every developer creating Visualforce pages… you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve without a single SOQL query or Apex controller
  3. Once you’ve got Visualforce nailed down, then start learning about Apex via the Apex Workbook. This will explain some of the fundamental concepts of working with the platform, specifically around limits etc.

If you work through the above you’ll no doubt pick up some SOQL along the way, and it’s not a particularly complicated query language to get to grips with. Once you’ve done all this you’ll have all the basics covered and then you can pick and choose which areas to focus on specifically, i.e. custom apps, mobile apps etc.

Good luck, and don’t hesitate to ask questions on this site, remembering to show what you’ve tried and what you’re stuck with.

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