Why is it that when I try and preview Einstein Bots I get connected to a Live Agent instead?

I created an Einstein Bot:

And I wanted to test it out, so I used the Preview option:


However, the Preview does not connect me to a bot, but rather to a Live Agent. Here, you can see me chatting with myself (i.e. a Live Agent):

Live Agent

My question is this: how can I make the Preview button connect me to a Bot rather than a Live Agent?


I figured it out: if your Salesforce Instance has access to Einstein Bots, there will be an Einstein Bots Settings section under the Chat Buttons section in Setup.
enter image description here

If you leave Einstein Bots Configuration blank, then (curiously enough) the preview for Einstein Bot will redirect the user to a Live Agent.

To fix this issue, simply fill in Einstein Bots Configuration as I have done in the picture above.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ash , Answer Author : Ash

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