Why is the count() query in salesforce not counting the no. of query rows returned as 1?

Sample code on a custom object, Asset__c, containing 78,000 rows:

Integer number1 = [SELECT count()  FROM Asset__c ];
system.debug('Query Rows used by count():'+Limits.getQueryRows());

If i do this.. Since i have over 50,000 records a govenor limit is getting exceeded and it’s throwing too many query rows : 50001 error. If run on a object with under 50,000 rows you’ll still notice the debug output is much higher than the 1 row that’s expected.

Please see this idea as well in SF….
“Count the SOQL count() query as a single row query”


Please promote this guys… This is really ridiculous!!!!

Is there any other alternative for querying the count????


Create a summary object, who’s sole purpose is to maintain summary counts of the various objects in different configuraitons. Run a batch job every hour to refresh the counts.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sathya , Answer Author : ebt

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