Why new Developer Orgs spun with Environment Hub now have Status=Trial and do expire? I while ago it was Status=Free without expiration

Today I had to spin some new DE orgs via the Environment Hub. I’ve done this often before and I thought to know the process.

But I was shocked after taken a closer look on the orgs, which have been provisioned by Salesforce as you can see here:

enter image description here

I highlighted the last known-good line green. Status was Free and Org Expiration Date was empty. Fine! That’s what we need.

But now watch the red line: Status seems to be Trial and Org Expiration Date is 2017. This will result into the loss of several man-years of development-work at the time the org will expire. At this time my only explanation is, that this could be a bug in Salesforces’ spinning procedure or org-template. I can’t imagine that this behavior is on purpose or does make sense in any way.

I created the orgs below the red line exactly the same as I’ve done with the orgs above the green line. See here:

enter image description here

Reviewing Environment Hub developer edition differences I think how I fill in this form was and still is the intended way it should be done, right?


Did anyone else has witnessed this behavior, too? Does anyone know the steps to take to restore the previous behavior? Has anyone contacted the Salesforce Support on that matter and if so, how was the response?

I’m asking here because logging a ticket requires a lot time for babysitting of the case, the support reps usually try to call me and I’m not available by phone. Also it helps a lot if you can tell the support-guys exactly what you want them to do (i. e. to tell them the solution and prevent them from doing time-consuming researches with open outcome and verbose communication-ping-pong)

So any hint (as small it might be) would help me a lot to understand what is going on here an which steps I need to take.


July 2020 update: the DE orgs spin up as expected from the Env Hub. Listed as Free with no expiry date.

Source : Link , Question Author : Uwe Heim , Answer Author : edralph

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