Why salesforce lightning experience is ironically sluggish?

Why lightning experience is ironically sluggish?

The classic experience comparatively feels faster when it comes to page load time and navigation.

Have seen may developers and admins prefer classic experience unless we are developing or testing lighting experience specific functionality.

In few encounters in past have seen that, while developing public sites where performance is the prime concern people pefer other web technonloigics.


Make sure that you’re using Enable Secure Browser Caching, and that you did not Enable Debug Mode for Lightning Components. Keep in mind that the user experience will very greatly depending on how many components have to load, what server calls they need to make, efficient use of Arrays and other collections that are Proxy’d by Lightning Locker Service.

Aside from the initial load, there’s no reason why Lightning needs to be sluggish. The default UI is (usually) perfectly fine, it tends to be poorly made components that cause delays. It may also be that it “feels” sluggish because it has loading screens, while Classic is just a plain white screen until everything loads.

I’ve found loading times are usually comparable, or faster, to other Web Component frameworks, such as React. I will admit there’s a pretty hefty performance hit for Locker Service, which other frameworks usually don’t offer, to make sure that all data is secure. This extra security means that developers have to be careful about how they write their code to minimize bottlenecks.

It’s true that other frameworks may seem faster, but that’s really a tuning problem. In order to have a fair comparison, you’d have to have an apples-to-apples comparison set up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dev Patel , Answer Author : sfdcfox

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