Working links for old 3-panel docs?

Well, I figured this day would come. My links to the older 3-panel style Salesforce docs for Apex, VF, SOQL, API, etc, now all redirect to the new “Atlas” style docs. For example, this: now goes to; if you want the Apex docs you have to use

I find the new docs unusable – every navigation click reloads the entire page (slowly), the navigation tree often collapses after navigation, and the nav is in the same panel as the content, so scrolling the content moves the navigation – a pain when you are trying to flip between a couple of pages of reference. Up until today, the old links continued to work. Anyone know of a way to access the older docs?


While I’ve found no working link to the old docs, I’ve found a reasonable replacement: downloading the PDF for the documentation you need. Each Atlas page includes a link to download the PDF. I’m able to search, and I’m able to keep the navigation open (I’m using the Preview app on Mac OS X, although I believe Adobe Acrobat Viewer on Windows also includes the option to view the collapsible TOC in a navigation pane). I’d still prefer the old docs back, but it beats Atlas hands down.

Also, if you didn’t see the comment above, @Daniel Ballinger has started an Idea to add the missing features to the Atlas docs which is probably the best way forward.

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