You can’t remove the following public properties because the component is part of a managed package

I am trying to push a JS file in a LWC Component and am unable to do so with this error

lwc/boatMap/boatMap.js-meta.xml: You can’t remove the following public properties: boatId, because the component is part of a managed package.
Below is my JS code.

// import BOATMC from the message channel
import { LightningElement,wire,api,track } from 'lwc';
import { getRecord } from 'lightning/uiRecordApi';
import { APPLICATION_SCOPE,subscribe,MessageContext } from 'lightning/messageService';
import BOATMC from '@salesforce/messageChannel/BoatMessageChannel__c';
// Declare the const LONGITUDE_FIELD for the boat's Longitude__s
// Declare the const LATITUDE_FIELD for the boat's Latitude
// Declare the const BOAT_FIELDS as a list of [LONGITUDE_FIELD, LATITUDE_FIELD];
const LONGITUDE_FIELD = 'Boat__c.Geolocation__Longitude__s';
const LATITUDE_FIELD = 'Boat__c.Geolocation__Latitude__s';
export default class BoatMap extends LightningElement {
  // private
  subscription = null;
  // Getter and Setter to allow for logic to run on recordId change
  // this getter must be public
  @api get recordId() {
    return this.boatId;
  set recordId(value) {
    this.setAttribute('boatId', value);
    this.boatId = value;
  error = undefined;
  @track mapMarkers = [];
  // Initialize messageContext for Message Service
  // Getting record's location to construct map markers using recordId
  // Wire the getRecord method using ('$boatId')
  wiredRecord({ error, data }) {
    // Error handling
    if (data) {
      this.error = undefined;
      const longitude = data.fields.Geolocation__Longitude__s.value;
      const latitude = data.fields.Geolocation__Latitude__s.value;
      this.updateMap(longitude, latitude);
    } else if (error) {
      this.error = error;
      this.boatId = undefined;
      this.mapMarkers = [];
  // Runs when component is connected, subscribes to BoatMC
  connectedCallback() {
    // recordId is populated on Record Pages, and this component
    // should not update when this component is on a record page.
    if (this.subscription || this.recordId) {
      this.subscription = subscribe(
        (message) => {this.boatId = message.recordId},
        { scope: APPLICATION_SCOPE }
    // Subscribe to the message channel to retrieve the recordID and assign it to boatId.
  // Creates the map markers array with the current boat's location for the map.
  updateMap(Longitude, Latitude) {
    this.mapMarkers = [{
      location : {
        latitude : Latitude,
        longitude : Longitude
  // Getter method for displaying the map component, or a helper method.
  get showMap() {
    return this.mapMarkers.length > 0;


Remove the component from your package and then install it again. That should do it

Source : Link , Question Author : Badduboy , Answer Author : Rony Aoun

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