Zero-inflated negative binomial mixed-effects model in R

Is there such a package that provides for zero-inflated negative binomial mixed-effects model estimation in R?

By that I mean:

  • Zero-inflation where you can specify the binomial model for zero inflation, like in function zeroinfl in package pscl:

    zeroinfl(y~X|Z, dist = "negbin")

    where Z is the formula for the zero inflation model;

  • Negative binomial distribution for the count part of the model;

  • Random effects specified similar to function lmer of package lme4.

I understand glmmADMB can do all that, except the formula for zero inflation cannot be specified (it is just an intercept, i.e. Z is just 1). But are there any other packages that can do it all?

I will be very thankful for your help!


I think this is the package you need: glmmADMB.
I downloaded it here:

But I still had some problems to get it to run, so I followed the instructions provided in this link and now it works fine

Hope this helps!

Source : Link , Question Author : Nikita Samoylov , Answer Author : RocioC

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